In 2020 the Volvo Classic Racing Team is starting out in motorsport with Volvo’s 850 T5 series. The newly founded Team Volvo Classic Racing, powered by Baumann Container Raumsysteme Bonn, is bringing three racing cars, two Volvo 850 Turbo estate cars and a saloon of the same model back onto the race tracks. The idea was born in 2019. It was two successful classic motorsport races at the Nürburgring that led to this decision. The Volvo 850 Turbo Group A saloon made in 2018 impressed drivers and mechanics with its performance and handling. Since 07.10.2019 the planning, organisation and technical setup for the race in 2020 has been in progress. In close cooperation with GEMEC Solutions GmbH (Kelberg) and HSO Hütter Sport Orga GmbH (Adenau), powered by Baumann Container Raumsysteme (Bonn), the team is planning to take part in national and international sprint and long distance races.



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